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 A full-service virtual assistant and Digital marketing agency

Our Services

Are you ready to earn more, do more and thrive in business?

At Moonwake, we want to do the tasks that drain your creativity, zap your energy and drag down your productivity. We are a diverse team of experts with individual backgrounds in different fields and a wide array of strengths. Together we make dynamic virtual assistant and digital marketing agency to support your business. 

We can handle everything from invoicing and receipt filing to social media strategy and email marketing. Whatever it is that is slowing you down, Moonwake will help you reduce your task list, stay organized, and keep your energy focused on the bigger-picture parts of your business.


Amanda DeSonia - Senior Vice President Sales Leader, Norwex

"Hiring Moonwake to help me manage my established business has been the best thing I have done for myself in the last ten years. It’s not always easy to “let go” and let someone in, but I have more time and energy for the activities that I enjoy and excel at, which has translated into profits and a feeling of joy that I was missing, I give Moonwake total credit for helping me love my business again."

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